Benchtop Liquid Hydrogen Dosing

Elegant DIY Benchtop Hydrogen Infusion
Liquid Hydrogen Concentrate adds up to 50psi of pressure to your cans and introduces a nitro-style lighter bubble, more flavorful, and smoother experience to your beverage without adding carbonation. It can be an ideal alternative to nitro dosing - particularly for small batch.
Healthy Hydrogen Gas
Hydrogen is loaded with health benefits and has been the subject of 1,500 published studies. Links to Hydrogen Studies.
About the Dosing Kit
The active ingredient Magnesium reacts with the water in the beverage to create hydrogen gas and a bit of magnesium hydroxide (30mg to 90mg per serving), slightly buffering the PH in the process.  The kit includes citric acid as a catalyst for neutral PH beverages.   
  • Bag of Liquid Hydrogen (300+ doses)
  • 2 Syringes
  • 1 bag of Citric Acid (a catalyst) w/ & Spoon 


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