Bubble Size Comparison

Small Antioxidant Hydrogen bubbles form - creating a smoother and lighter taste.

Check out the right side!

Seeing is Believing

Ciders, Coffees, Beers, and more

Russell Springsteen, Founder Right Brain Brewery

"The Hydrogen in the CEO Coffee Stout made the coffee flavor POP and created a smoother, more palatable taste"

HyJacked is open to working with any Breweries across the United States and Australia

Benchtop Hydrogen Infusion Kit

Put some Bubbly Innovation in your Beverages, quick & easy.

Product Formulators & R&D Labs can Innovate Hydrogen Infused Beverages

Ideal for all beverages: coffees, waters, sodas, wines, cocktails, ciders, juices and sports drinks. 

Elegant Packaging Gas for Aluminum Cans.

Coming Soon - Automated Doser for Canning lines

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