HyVIDA Licenses Hydrogen Technology, enabling first ever Hydrogen Infused Craft Beers and Hard Ciders.

HyVIDA Licenses Hydrogen Technology, enabling first ever Hydrogen Infused Craft Beers and Hard Ciders.

Muskegon, Michigan -- June 30, 2021 – HyVIDA Brands Inc., a beverage technology company pioneering antioxidant hydrogen infused beverages, creates a technology licensing division, Hy Infused and announces the launch of the World’s first Craft Beers and a Hard Cider through licensing partnerships with Right Brain Brewery and Unruly Brewing Company respectively.
Building on a successful launch of its hydrogen infused sparkling water brand selling in 1,000+ points of retail, HyVIDA validated its high-scale, low-cost hydrogen infusion platform technology.

“HyVIDA was inspired by the amazing wellness benefits of molecular hydrogen gas. What we have learned from our sparkling waters, is our patented hydrogen method also delivers a refined, smoother, and softer bubbly taste & mouth feel,” said Rick Smith, HyVIDA’s CEO & Co-founder. “So, during COVID, we experimented with 100’s of beverages. Consistently, the unique feel and softer effervescence of our method enhances the aromas, flavor profiles and head retention, particularly with premium products such as: craft beers, hard ciders, hard seltzers, sparkling wines, and cocktails.”

Unruly Brewing is launching a hard cider infused with hydrogen on July 1st. “There was no question, the smaller and smoother hydrogen bubbles give our hard cider a champagne like feel,” said Jeff Jacobson, Cofounder of Unruly Brewing. Jeff was also impressed with the ease of implementation, saying, “HyVIDA’s hydrogen dosing machine easily mated with our production line without any changes to our Microcanner filling system.”

Right Brain Brewery is enhancing 4 of its signature beers with hydrogen after their team evaluated the technology. Russell Springsteen, Cofounder and Head Brewer at Right Brain said, “The hydrogen in the CEO Coffee Stout made the coffee flavor pop and created a smoother, more palatable taste.”
In 1 month from launching the Hy Infused licensing division, HyVIDA has inked domestic and international partnerships with multiple craft bands, RTD cocktails, and co-packers as brands and consumers seek better-for-you beverages. HyVIDA has a goal of enabling 100 hydrogen infused beverages by 2022.
“The market’s desire for wellness and superior clean organic ingredients is a massive movement, and HyVIDA will positively impact millions of lives for years to come,” Smith said.

About HyVIDA Brands Inc.
HyVIDA Brands is an award-winning beverage company that is pioneering hydrogen infused sparkling waters and advanced technology to infuse hydrogen into any beverage. The Muskegon, Michigan based company commercially launched in 2019 and now sold in thousands of retailers. HyVIDA has a robust intellectual property portfolio including patented technology, multiple patent applications and trade secrets that enable, highly scalable hydrogen infused beverages.

HyVIDA Brands, Inc. Unruly Brewing Right Brain Brewing
Hy@HyVIDA.com jeffbrewerybiz@outlook.com russell@rightbrainbrewery.com

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